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Evolving Connections Counselling

Relationships, Individuals, Families

The Story so Far

Evolving Connections is a relationship counselling and psychotherapy service that is constantly looking at ways to enhance your ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

An Idea is Born

Hi, my name is Jo Distefano and I am the founder of Evolving Connections Counselling. I am passionate about relationships because they are fundamental to health and well-being.

After spending thousands of hours working with amazing people, I have learnt that there is a hunger and drive for knowledge and internal development. 

Having worked extensively with clients as individuals and in relationships I have seen that human beings are motivated to discover meaningful ways of living so that they can thrive in their lives and with others.

My experience has shown me that people are capable of continuously evolving and that healthy connections to others is a fundamental human need.

The wisdom and resilience that people demonstrate never ceases to amaze me!

My Process

Clients come to value working with me because I help them discover who they are, what's important to them and what this makes possible for them as individuals and in their relationships.

I have worked with people from a range of backgrounds including LGBTIQ+ who have experienced challenging circumstances including; complex trauma, loss and grief, mental health issues and addictions.

I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches to facilitate transformations. Among these approaches are: Emotion Focussed Therapy; Gottman Therapy; Family Systems; Internal Family Systems; Narrative Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Values and Mission Statement

Evolving Connections Counselling is passionate about promoting safe and healthy relationships that are premised on security and authenticity.

Emotional and psychological well-being are key to healthy relationships and are a universal right. As such, Evolving Connections Counselling provides accessible counselling to everyone regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, economic status, religious affiliation or cultural heritage. 

Why Evolving Connections Counselling?

  • Evolving Connections improves relationships instantly.
  • It provides the know-how on how you can transform your relationships.
  • Understanding relationships at a deeper level is our core business
  • You will discover the secret to communicating in new and remarkable ways.