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Evolving Connections Counselling

Relationships, Individuals, Families



  • Finding it difficult to stop feeling anxious and irritable?
  • Tired of feeling blamed and unheard?
  • Struggling to manage conflict?
  • Feeling concerned that it will end in divorce?
  • Feeling challenged to keep the family together?
  • Tried everything and at your wits end?
  • Is your relationship worth the investment?

Evolving Connections works with you to reduce tension, increase intimacy and promote healthy connections.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join an intensive developmental experience with Evolving Connections so that you can gain a renewed sense of security and vitality in your life.

Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

Evolving Connections offers ground-breaking relationship counselling and psychotherapy

"Jo has provided us with open ears, professionalism and a strong voice to help us express ourselves while also listening to each other better. Some sessions have been harder than others however Jo was able to support us through even the most difficult sessions. I have learnt so much more about myself and my needs through this process and would recommend Jo highly to anyone looking to improve their relationships with their partner. A good relationship doesn't come without hard work and dedication. It is a worthwhile investment to make. Thank you Jo" Andrea M

Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

Evolving Connections offers life-changing individual counselling and psychotherapy

"I was lucky enough to meet Jo at a very difficult time in my life, she has helped me in so many ways and I'll be forever grateful. Jo is an amazing counsellor, I'm braver, stronger and calmer. Jo is such a kind and compassionate person and I've never felt more understood and validated than when I have my sessions with Jo. I wouldn't have the relationship with my husband, children and friends that I have today if it wasn't for Jo. It has been a lot of work on both sides but it is so worth it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jo, I truly feel so lucky to have had you by my side through so many tough times." Miranda B

Family Therapy

Evolving Connections offers transformational family therapy

"I have been seeing Jo in counselling for about 8 months. Since working with her in therapy I have developed a new understanding of my relationship to my parents and I have a much more informed approach to my relationship with my partner. This has really improved my relationship with my daughter and how I view myself. I feel like I have a much more regulated emotional life and it feels good. I find that I value and understand myself so much more than I ever have and that is thanks to Jo's expertise and genuine support and care. I am looking forward to continued therapy with Jo when I need it as I truly believe she is the best of the best." Jessie B